Cheap Flight To Portugal

There are many stunning places to visit on a holiday to Europe but one of the most enjoyable, whether you want a quiet retreat or a family fun adventure, is the incredible country of Portugal. As well as some of the greatest food and wine anywhere in the world you can also enjoy a choice of beautiful golden beaches or stunning green countryside. You can also choose between a great range of accommodation types to ensure that you enjoy exactly the type of holiday you’re looking for.


Portugal is loaded with history and provides the visitor with ample opportunity to stop in and see some of the most incredible sights. There are numerous ancient churches and other buildings as well as monuments and castles. While some can only be viewed in passing there are also those where you can stop and take a look around; maybe even enjoy a picnic in the incredible weather that Portugal tends to offer.


The Castelo de Silves is a great example of this history. The fortress is in incredibly good condition and as well as the castle there is also a cathedral and some of the remains of defensive towers and walls that surround the castle. If you are looking for a historical glimpse into Portugal then Silves is the perfect location for you and your family to stop.


The scenery of Portugal is equally as breath-taking as the historical buildings and sights. There are numerous stretches of coastland that are protected and that are considered areas of outstanding natural beauty. You can enjoy strolling through these coastal regions or you can stop at any of the beautiful golden beaches that you will stumble across. On the other side of the island you can enjoy the rolling green hills and incredible countryside where the grapes are grown to make Portuguese wine and Port.


There are also numerous markets and shops where you can spend your holiday money and buy something to take home. Local items as well as cut price items can be found in many of these areas and you can also find a good few pieces of memorabilia that are ideal for the tourist.


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