City Gate Training – providing health care training and promoting good practice

If you’re looking for health care training to further your knowledge and gain a more in-depth understanding of a more specialised area within the sector, it’s vital to make sure that the health care training you receive is of a high standard, enabling you to progress with confidence in your abilities.

Specialising in some of the best health care training, City Gate Training are a company who pride themselves on their ability to ensure a level of performance and service within the health care sector.

Comprehensive in their health care training, City Gate Training provide a number of training courses for those looking enter the social services or those looking for basic nursing skills, maternity support worker training, with many more health care related courses available.

The health care assistant courses provide people with the high quality health care training they need to succeed in their role. Suitable for people who may have a gap in their work experience, this health care training is great for refreshing and updating existing health care knowledge before those health care assistant job vacancies are applied for.

The social services assistant health care training from City Gate Training is designed to provide qualified social workers with the professional and capable assistants they need to deliver comprehensive protection and advice to a wide range of people within the community.

With health care training facilities located in Berkeley Business Centre in Stratford, the health care training from City Gate Training is held in professional and sophisticated premises that provide a perfect learning environment.

To find out more about the health care training from City Gate Training, visit them online today and make sure that you receive the quality training that you need to ensure that you’re able to provide a high quality level of performance and service.



We use City Gate Training for our health care training when we hire new staff. We’ve been very impressed by the quality of the results and recommend their health care training courses 100%!