Ships Ahoy!

Are the plentiful pitfalls of boat restoration leaving you all at sea? Maybe it’s a-boat time you seas-ed the day and got your beloved boat all decked out with the ‘London Fashion Week’ standard boat decking from here at Wilks!

Come aboard the old faithful ‘Wilks’ and you’ll be amazed at our passion for anything water-based, and we’re not talking the paint variety! With our standard of boat decking equipment, from the moment your clamber onboard and meet one of our committed team to completion of your restoration projects; you will be treated like one of the family and left exposed to some of the finest calibre boat decking supplies around.

We promise to never leave any stone unturned when seeking out new revolutionary boat decking installation products and our small team remain devoted to scouring the boat decking marketplace on a daily basis, just to remain at the forefront of our trade and as a result, for the ultimate alternative to teak- the material most traditionally used for boat decking- we supply only ‘Dek-King’ products that are scarcely seen elsewhere.

Dek-King boat decking products are hardwearing, weather withstanding and flawlessly constructed. This boat decking looks just like the ‘real’ thing and yet makes a name for itself as being seamlessly better than the archaic alternatives to boat decking; the ones that should’ve gone out with the ark. No matter what it comes up against, Dek-King boat decking will never tarnish in either appearance or durability, which is the main reason we advocate it so highly. Dek-King is easy to care for and provides an excellent time and cost-effective substitute to the other substandard products out there; the ones that are failing to withstand the test of time.

And not only ‘boat decking specialists’ – our range of services certainly don’t end there and here at Wilks, we have asserted ourselves as a veritable one-stop-shop for all products and services associated with superb boat restoration projects. So, for flexible, semi-rigid, rigid and dual hardness PVC, in any colour to suit your chosen colour schemes and fault-free, maintenance-free boat decking supplies and installations, visit and speak to one of the team for more information!



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