Choosing a Laboratory Freezer

A laboratory freezer is an essential piece of equipment in most laboratory settings and there a many different laboratory freezer options for people to choose from. To find suppliers of laboratory freezer products people should search online. Online people will find a number of companies who specialise in dedicated laboratory freezer products as well as temperature mapping solutions that are vital in most laboratory settings. People looking for low cost yet highly efficient laboratory freezer products should choose freezers with a single compressor design as the initial purchase cost will be much lower compared to a traditional cascade or multiple compressor freezers. Single compressor laboratory freezer devices use only around 48% of the power that cascade units use so they are much more energy efficient and will save a significant amount on running costs.

The other benefit of choosing a single compressor laboratory freezer is that they have low noise operations, low heat output and low maintenance costs. Some companies who sell laboratory freezer products will also offer a free integrated temperature mapping solution for a number of years which itself can pay for the cost of the freezer. Temperature mapping is vital in laboratory settings where items stored in a laboratory freezer need to be kept at a very specific temperature. It is easy to assume that all parts of a freezer will be the same temperature but this not the case and different parts of a laboratory freezer can be different temperatures. Temperature mapping is carried out to check the temperature in different parts of a fridge, freezer, storage space or workspace and then people can see where the ideal temperature is for storing the necessary items.

Once temperature mapping has been carried out inside of a laboratory freezer lab workers will then know where to place items inside the space to ensure they are stored at the perfect temperature. Regular temperature mapping will need to be carried out inside a laboratory freezer or any other space that needs temperature mapping as temperatures can change easily. There is a wide range of laboratory freezer products in many different shapes and sizes to suit different user’s needs.



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