The choice of Tyres Cambridge

Garages who supply tyres in Cambridge may also offer an MOT Cambridge service at their garage. Tyres are a very important part of any vehicle and they need to be checked regularly to ensure they are road safe and legal. Tyres have minimum tread depths that they must be above and once tyres get below this tread depth they need to be changed for new ones. Garages that specialise in tyres Cambridge may sell new tyres and part worn tyres. New tyres Cambridge can be branded or budget depending on the customers preference and part worn tyres are the best choice for people who simply cannot afford brand new tyres are who want to find a bargain. Many part worn tyres will be as good as new and will still have lots of wear left in them so they are worth considering when it comes to buying tyres in Cambridge.

Most garages will have the most popular tyres Cambridge in stock but if they don’t many will be able to get the tyre within half an hour while customers wait which is a great service. Part worn tyres Cambridge are taken form cars that have been written off, sent for scrap or that have become too costly for the owner to repair. Buying part own tyres doesn’t mean poor quality they just may not have as many miles in them as brand new tyres but you will know this when you buy them. Often when people have an MOT Cambridge on their car they will be told they need new tyres in order for the car to pass the MOT. This is why many garages that carry out MOT Cambridge services will also sell tyres Cambridge so customers can get their vehicle repaired all in the same place.

As well as stocking new tyres Cambridge the MOT Cambridge garage will also be able to fit other new and replacement car parts such as brakes, exhausts and batteries. Other services that the car garage may offer related to tyres Cambridge are wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre repairs and tyre advice for customers who are looking for new tyres. Most MOT Cambridge garages will charge a set price for MOTs and then any additional parts and repairs will cost extra if the vehicle fails any parts of the MOT and the customer wants the garage to fix the car.



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