A great place to buy Turbochargers

My bakkie was giving me all sorts of problems recently, the power was fluctuating, it was having trouble pulling up hills and I suspected the Turbocharger might be at fault. Now I love this truck and there was no way I was going to get rid of it just because the turbo was faulty, it was time to find replacement Turbochargers and fast. Somebody mentioned a company called Turbo Doc to me and as you might imagine they specialized in Turbochargers of every single description. Not only do they provide the widest range of Turbochargers they aim to keep their prices as low as possible which it handy for a man on the street like me. I didn’t have a great deal of money to throw at new Turbochargers so I approached the Turbo Doc with baited breathe.

“What’s the matter with my Turbocharger?”

That’s the first question I asked the team at Turbo Doc, they’re the experts in Turbochargers after all! I called them up and they explained what could go wrong with Turbochargers and told me that sometimes the centre housing rotating assembly (CHRA) can be at fault, which isn’t as serious as replacing the entire unit. The way that my Bakkie was behaving this seemed a logical explanation and it would certainly save me money on Turbochargers if a replacement CHRA could be fitted instead. It was worth a try so I asked the team at Turbo Doc to recondition my unit and the results were very impressive, you’d think I’d stuck two new Turbochargers to the pickup.

Save money on Turbochargers

My bakkie is back to her best now, in fact, she’s got more power than ever thanks to the work that was completed on the Turbocharger. It was a wise move dealing with the team at Turbo Doc and I’d definitely use their services again if I had trouble with Turbochargers in the future. I’d advice anyone that was experiencing problems with Turbochargers to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Speak to experts like Turbo Doc about Turbochargers and you might just find an affordable fix on the unit breathes new life into a tired old turbo.




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