Dress made of bras goes on sale in UK

These days there are many gorgeous bras for women to choose from. Whether they are after big bras, small ones or anything in between, they should be able to find the perfect ones for them quickly and easily. However, a slightly more unusual garment based on such items recently went up for sale in the UK.

Designer Nathifa Douet created a dress made entirely from bras and the pink offering was then made available to shoppers in a charity store, the Westminster Chronicle reports.

The eye-catching piece of clothing was placed in the Cancer Research UK shop in Marylebone High Street. Cancer Research UK operates many shops around the country and it aims to discover new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Ms Douet, who has been working at the Princess Grace Hospital in Marylebone for two years, got the bras from friends, family members and colleagues and the finished product was intended to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Commenting on her efforts, she remarked: “I think it’s important for women to check themselves on a regular basis. I wanted to be able to combine my artwork with raising the profile of early diagnosis and to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

“I can’t think of a better way to do this than to capture the attention of thousands of women on the high street on a busy Friday.”

A total of 60 items of underwear were used to create the piece, and some no doubt were big bras.

Shop manager at the retail outlet Natasha Hussey noted that she thought the idea was “great”. She added: “The Cancer Research UK shop here on Marylebone High Street is surrounded by fashionable boutiques and designer labels.”

The unusual dress no doubt captured the attention of passersby and shoppers within the store.

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