Why choose Dog Boarding Tunbridge Wells?

People who need their dog to be cared for whilst they are away, at work or unable to care for their dog for a period of time maybe due to illness should look at dog boarding Tunbridge Wells services. Many dog owners don’t like the thought of their dog going into kennels whilst they are away but in the past this may have been the only choice for many dog owners. Now there is a new service which offers dog boarding in Tunbridge Wells and other areas where dogs are cared for in private homes by dog lovers who will give dogs all the care, love and attention they need and they won’t have to spend most their time in a cage like they would in boarding kennels. Dog boarding deals are something that dog owners are keen to find and anyone looking for great dog boarding deals should look at dog boarding Tunbridge Wells.

Dog boarding Tunbridge Wells has become increasingly popular in recent years as dog owners look for the best possible places for their dogs to stay where they will be well cared for. When people choose to use a dog boarding service in Tunbridge Wells the company will ensure that the dog is matched with a suitable carer. They will ask about the dog habits, behaviours and personality so they can find a carer who can meet all the dog’s needs. Dog carers will have to meet certain requirements in order to be accepted as suitable dog carers. The dog Boarding Tunbridge Wells Company will make sure that the home where the dog stays has outside space and the dog will not be left alone for more than 4 hours a day. The carer will not have any pre-school children in the house or any other dogs or cats.

Once dog boarding deals have been booked the dog owners should be given the chance to take their dog to meet their carer so both the dog and the owner can see where they will be staying prior to the visit. This will make the dog feel at ease and give the dog owner the peace of mind of knowing where their dog will be staying and who will be looking after it. Dog boarding deals provided by a dog boarding Tunbridge Wells company will include feeding and walking and any special medications or dietary requirements will be followed and carers will have access to a 24 support line in case of any emergencies.

Dog Boarding Tunbridge Wells

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