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You need zero imagination to picture a mechanical workshop without the correct provision lifts, hoists, tools and equipment. Indeed if you are a mechanic or engineer specialising in body repair work; can you imagine the trouble you would have trying to lift a vehicle- weighing in excess of a ton- to undertake a tricky operation? How would you go about it alone; would you attempt to defy what is humanly possible and tilt it far enough at one end to allow another mechanic access to the underneath of the carriage; would you lose a stone in weight to enable yourself to easily slide beneath the stationary motor and the floor or, would you admit defeat and simply turn away the trade, telling the customer to go elsewhere?

Car Bench UK- nationwide leading body shop suppliers- are the only company you should look for when seeking fault-free, flawless yet affordable body shop equipment. To become one ‘top dog’ body shop suppliers, Bench UK promises to employ on the most responsibly safe, qualified individuals who are dedicated to spending their time scouring the worldwide market for new production introductions and individuals to whom personal progression is key to enhancing the skills of their trade. In fact, body shop suppliers come no better qualified than Bench UK.

To reign supreme at the top the industry and to keep their crown as number one body shop suppliers, Bench UK don’t like to be pigeon-holed as one-trick ponies and don’t stick to body shop equipment per se and as such- since their inception as online body shop suppliers some years ago- have fast expanded their services and products to: new equipment demonstrations, clamps and chains, second hand equipment and a full service and calibration package.

Body shop suppliers aren’t rare, nor are body shop suppliers hard to find. However, if you are looking for trustworthy, 100% safe and reliable body shop suppliers with seamless, forward-thinking body shop equipment that will give you a lifelong service, visit to find out more.


Body Shop Suppliers

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