Finding the Right Material

No matter what project you are undertaking, whether you need to create a prototype for a product, or whether you simply need fittings for your pipes, finding the right material will be extremely important. Not only will the right material make what you are doing more successful, but a change in material can do everything from reducing the cost to simply making the end result far more attractive. So how do you go about choosing the right material?

The first thing to do is to understand what is important about your own individual process. For example, the aforementioned fittings for pipes are likely to need to focus a great deal more on practicality and safety than they are on looks. As such, you are likely to need to look at materials that have been fabricated with pipe safety in mind.

Take duplex and super duplex. These materials are forms of stainless steel that have been strengthened and altered to withstand very specific environments. From chemicals such as chloride and sulphur through to specific extreme temperatures, the likes of duplex will not only make things safer, but also ensure you can save money through other means too – for example, using super duplex, you may be able to work in far lower temperatures to achieve the same affect, thus saving on energy costs in the process.

Ultimately, every project is likely to find that there is a certain material that maximises what can be achieved whilst minimising the cost. It is therefore important not to instantly choose obvious choices, but instead to look at all the potential materials on the market to see which may make your life a great deal easier.

Don’t be biased by items you have created before, or the way the majority of companies approach a specific problem – take the time to find the solution that is right for you.

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