Asbestos Courses

I don’t get some people. Take my mate for example. He’s a brilliant guy but he does tend to moan a lot about the most ridiculous things. His latest rant was about Asbestos Courses of all things, apparently the building firm he’s just started at insists that he undertakes Asbestos Awareness Training. I couldn’t see the problem with the Asbestos Courses, surely if they are for safety purposes that can only be a good thing. It’s not like he has to pay for the Asbestos Courses out of his own pocket, the company he works for are happy to foot the bill. Still, that didn’t stop my mate rambling on about the Asbestos Courses until I pointed the benefits of this type of training.

Safety first

I asked my pal what he knew about asbestos as a material I thought this was a good way to tackle the issue of Asbestos Courses. Now I have something to confess at this stage, I took part in an Asbestos Awareness Training course myself a few years back, when I worked part-time for a shop fitting firm. I’d learnt about the dangers of asbestos through Asbestos Courses and was taught where this type of material might be found. I can remember the Asbestos Courses being fun and very informative and that’s exactly what I told my friend. He had no idea that I’d been on Asbestos Courses in the past and wanted me to tell him all about my experience. The main point I wanted to get across to my pal was the safety implications of asbestos training.

It’s for your own good!

I think I actually used those exact words when I spoke about the Asbestos Courses. In no uncertain terms I explained to my friend the importance of Asbestos Awareness Training and how the knowledge he learned on Asbestos Courses could keep him safe in the future. I’m pretty certain my pal thought the Asbestos Courses would be a waste of his time but gradually the penny began to drop. If his mate was telling him that Asbestos Courses were a brilliant idea then surely he couldn’t be wrong. I’ll be interested to see how much my pal enjoyed his asbestos awareness course; I think he’ll be pleasantly surprised at much he learns.



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