Purchasing Traffic Film Remover

Traffic film remover is a highly effective detergent formula that is used to clean vehicles. When people visit a hand car wash or a drive through car wash most will use traffic film remover as part of their cleaning process. Traffic film can be difficult to remove but when using a professional traffic film remover detergent the job becomes light work. The traffic film remover is used with any kind of high pressure washers and will effectively remove heavy road film, grease and general soilage from a vehicles bodywork, chassis or side curtain. Almost all types of vehicles can be cleaned with traffic film remover and it will not harm the vehicles paintwork or bodywork in any way. If people own their own high powered pressure washers then they can purchase traffic film remover to clean their own car with as and when required. Retailers who stock a range of traffic film remover detergents may also sell hydrochloric acid.

Hydrochloric acid needs to be used with great care and people should wear protective gloves and clothing if they are going to handle hydrochloric acid and traffic film remover. This acid can burn the skin so it should only be used by responsible adults. Hydrochloric acid is a high active, heavy duty cleaner and descaler and it can be used for a wide range of purposes. People will use hydrochloric acid to remove moss, algae, plaster and mortar from brickwork, stone, patios and paved areas. Once the hydrochloric acid has been applied the surface will look like new again. Traffic film remover and hydrochloric acid are available in a number of different quantities and pack sizes.

People will also use hydrochloric acid for cleaning and etching concrete floors. Traffic film removers come in ready to mix, standard and super concentrated formulas as well as a traffic film remover known as blizzard snow foam which can be used with high pressure washers. Valeting companies who want to offer customers the highest quality service will need to invest in traffic film remover to effectively clean vehicles and they may also want some hydrochloric acid to clean their valeting premises.




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