Equine pulsed electromagnetic therapy – Because ‘Neigh’- one wants a poorly pony!

Alternative therapies: as a nation we remain greatly unconvinced and, as opposed to investing our time into physiotherapy, acupuncture or hypnotherapy, we reach for the manufactured painkillers everytime. But, how often are we left disappointed with the results; left with a niggle in our noggin rather than a throb, wishing that we’d at least given the unconventional a go?

It’s no different for our four- legged friends you know! Our equine companions- on a daily basis – are put through their paces across some of the most treacherous terrain and as such, are falling foul to daily stiffness and recurring injuries nationwide.

If you have an ailing pony therefore, have you considered equine pulsed electromagnetic therapy?

Welcome to FMBs Therapy Systems- we are avidly passionate about the veritable gains of equine pulsed electromagnetic therapy and, through a vast knowledge of alternative equine therapy and fitness systems, and a dedication to a superb customer guidance provision, are showing our clients just what equine pulsed electromagnetic therapy can do for their loyal companions.

So, it’s your choice: do you turn to the vet who- with regular expensive anti inflammatory injections – promises unrivalled pain relief or do you seek equine pulsed electromagnetic therapy as an alternative means of equine therapy and fitness that is effective AND non- detrimental to your horse’s physique?

Equine pulsed electromagnetic therapy is a form of alternative medicine that treats disease by applying electromagnetic radiation to the affected area. Although there is no measurable proof that equine electromagnetic therapy actually cures muscular wear and tear, it certainly has seen to improve suppleness and flexibility. Equine Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy can be carried out on-site and with little experience and is therefore, cost- effective.

Indeed, equine pulsed electromagnetic therapy is now widely advocated by veterinary professionals and practitioners claim that equine pulsed electromagnetic therapy can effectively treat foot ulcers, chronic pain, nerve disorders and other common equine conditions. Not only is Equine pulsed electromagnetic therapy certifiably ‘safe’ but it is also becoming widely recognised as- through zero organ impact – the most preferable option to rectify the niggles of every day equine training where in the arena, your horses are being regularly exposed to hard, uneven surfaces.

If you are sold on Equine pulsed electromagnetic therapy or require a quote for your equine therapy and fitness package, visit our website today.



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