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If you’re working environment exposes you to the dangers of asbestos then it is absolutely essential that you complete a course of asbestos awareness training. Such asbestos awareness training teaches each participant the perils of working in such an environment, and educates you on just how to make sure that you can, not only keep yourself safe in such an environment but, achieve optimum efficiency.

Here at UKasl we are one of the UKs leading specialists in the field of asbestos awareness training. Indeed, not only do we lead the way but, we raise the bar in terms of diligent and meticulous services for each of our customers.

With a choice of both IATP and UKATA asbestos awareness training we offer our customers the opportunity to participate in the training course that most adequately suits their individual working environment. Indeed, no matter the trade that you ply to earn a living, or indeed the industry that your devote forty or more hours a week to, the asbestos awareness training that is provided by UKasl is certain to cater to your demands.

Here at UKasl we offer each participant a choice structured teaching designs for the type of asbestos awareness training that they’d like to undertake. The face-to-face asbestos awareness training that we can facilitate allows you the opportunity to learn the perils of asbestos in the workplace first hand, as well as how to avoid those health pitfalls. Once of the fully-trained and highly experienced tutors will work with you, educating you every step of the way, and making sure that upon completion of the course you feel confident of working in any environment where the threat of asbestos is apparent.

Alternatively, UKasl has a selection of distance asbestos awareness training courses that are perfect for anyone with limited free time away from the office. Both the online asbestos awareness training and the one-on-one asbestos awareness training that we provide is fully accredited by the relevant governmental bodies, and such e-learning courses keep your employees fully up to date with any recent changes in legislation.

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