Paintings of Mountains-Picture Perfect Images of Natural Beauty

The Lakes. Knocks spots off the snooty Algarve, with its ex-pat population up to an all time high and is just as pretty as any area in the South of France, with the added benefit of being less expensive and, dare we say it, pretentious? Viva Espagne? I think not! Spain has an extremely successful national footy team and yummy regional dishes, but paella is not a patch on a good old roast din dins or steak and ale pie now, is it? The mighty fish and chips reigns dominant over proceedings in the food industry, as does the humble bacon buttie-in fact, bacon has been voted the world’s most popular foodstuff time and time again, which is a real turn up for the books! If you think about it, lobster thermidor with caviar encrusted truffle foam dripping in diamonds of liquid nitrogen pearls is, quite frankly, ridiculous. What’s wrong with a bit of pie and mash Heston Blumenthal? In fact, Gordon Ramsey has made no secret of his love for Rustlers and Pot Noodles, and good on him! There’s a proper chef for you! None of this fancy pants malarkey, no faffing around, just straight down to the nitty gritty-perfect!

And what Mr Ramsey, that hot headed master of culinary excellence, needs in his kitchen to calm his temperament is paintings of mountains. He himself is a volcano, a whirlwind, and so paintings of mountains are ideal as they neutralise the balance perfectly. Paintings of mountains from are ever so beautiful and these paintings of mountains are hand crafted with the greatest care and attention to detail. If you love the outdoors, then soothing paintings of mountains will take you somewhere else entirely-somewhere gorgeous, somewhere stunning. The appeal of paintings of mountains lies in the fact that they evoke images of peace and relaxation, and help you unwind. All of the stresses and strains of your daily routine will disappear as soon as you look at paintings of mountains as paintings of mountains will make even the most militant city hanker after a break in the countryside.

Paintings of mountains are ideal mounted in the hallway. Paintings of mountains look lovely in the kitchen. Paintings of mountains make the perfect centrepiece in the lounge or dining room. In fact, paintings of mountains from look fantastic wherever you put them and will transform your living area and make it inviting, welcoming and habitable. Lake District paintings of mountains have never been in such high demand, and you can see why if you take a peek at our extensive gallery of paintings of mountains.



The majesty of the Lake District has been captured by John Campbell in his latest series of paintings of mountains. Each of his Lake District Paintings is a unique piece of watercolour art.