An Idiot’s Guide to Golf South Africa

No hustle and bustle; Cape Town is widely seen as one of the most beautiful, lustrous cities the World has to offer. Nestled in a naturally formed ‘bowl’ between the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the city’s charming Table Mountain; Cape Town, combining coastal charm and urban suave, makes it an ideal location to practice some golf South Africa. Then you have Cape Winelands that- as home to many World-class sports teams including Boland Cricket Team and the Boland Cavaliers Rugby Team- is so diverse in climate that is makes for some tricky golf South Africa- not for the fainthearted, to say the least! And how about Garden Route? Popular amongst families and as a scenic stretch of water that follows the South-eastern coast of South Africa; if you are after golf South Africa with an impressive view that could rival being at the very top of Mount Everest, this is perfect location for you and a team of colleagues to batter out a contract over some amazing golf South Africa!

So now you see why golf South Africa is so perfect. As a diverse area of the World that combines maritime history, wildly roaming natural wildlife, city escape and countryside climbs to form a utopian marriage of hustle and bustle with ultimate seclusion; golf South Africa is different mile-to-mile, minute-to-minute and will never offers the same experience twice over. Whether you want to impress a new client and drive business your way or strike while the iron’s hot and take a loved one away for some ‘alone time’ of regroup and recuperation, where you can be Dewey-eyed newlyweds again when life has left you a little jaded; golf South Africa will be a forever-popular choice amongst all areas of society.

However, it may be a fore-gone conclusion that golf South Africa is just the ticket for you but it’s true that golf South Africa does continue to drive a wedge between some couples and, this is why when you book a golf South Africa tour with Golf Direct, you don’t just get a bog-standard golf South Africa package; you get the opportunity to spend some time together getting somewhat hot under the collar as well as the chance to take some time out apart. Indeed, your loved one could choose to either expend some energy trekking the tumultuous climbs in and around Pezula and Pinnacle Point, just as easily as she could seek some seclusion in darkest Goose Valley, to crack open a good book.; all while you take on the golf South Africa that you’ve always dreamed of.

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