The choice of Shop Fittings

Internal shop fittings are very important in any retail premises regardless of what product is being sold. Getting the shop fittings right can be the key to success and the shop fittings are what will help to showcase the items on sale to their best potential. If shop fittings look untidy, old and tired or aren’t right for the type of products on sale it can dramatically reduce the amount of items shops will sell resulting in lots of lost profits. There is a wide range of different shop fittings available and many are designed for specific retail sectors. There are a number of bespoke estate agent displays on the market which will enhance the overall look of the estate agents office and help to attract customers to the properties on offer.

The range of shop fittings which are very popular at present include cable and cube display solutions. Cable shop fittings are available to display posters, for lighting and in cube and shelving units that can be suspended from ceilings to display all types of products. They are made from acrylic and give the illusion of floating shop fittings either in the shop window or in store. These are very popular in hair salons and beauty salons where owners want a minimalist look but need somewhere to display hair care and beauty products to sell to customers. Cube shop fittings are available in either glass or acrylic and these can be stacked on top of each other and made into a number of different shapes to create eye-catching shop fittings and unique displays.

When it comes to choosing shop fittings for estate agent premises to effectively display the properties available there is a number of options to choose from. The range of shop fittings includes back lit LED light panel pocket displays, floor standing angled window displays, A4 portrait wall mounted displays and internal wall mounted displays. Back lit LED light panel pocket displays are fast becoming the most popular choice of shop fittings for estate agent displays. They are very bright, energy efficient and easy to use so they can be left on 24 hours a day without costing a fortune to run.



Pure Display are one of the most popular choices for companieslooking for Shop Fittings. We can transform a shop’s front with our range of services which includes fitting light panels and estate agent displays.