Promotion insurance from Team Umbrella, facilitating successful promotions that stay within budget

Known as The Pudding Guy, David Phillips took advantage of a promotional offer by Healthy Choice Foods in 1999. Realising that their frequent flyer miles promotion exceeded the price of the product on which it was offered, he successfully received 1,253,000 flyer miles costing the company an unexpected and staggering amount.

Whilst David Phillips is perhaps one of the most extravagant examples of a poorly planned promotion, his astute pudding promotion reading was a wakeup call to big businesses. It’s important to ensure that no matter how small the promotion offered, it doesn’t cost you in the long run.

Ensuring that your promotions don’t accrue any further and unforeseen expenses, promotion insurance helps businesses to offer promotions safe in the knowledge that their marketing strategies won’t go over budget. For those thinking about promotions, promotion insurance is a must.

Specialising in promotion insurance, Team Umbrella are a company who pride themselves on their sophisticated promotion insurance services that has the ability to see their clients rest safe in the knowledge that their investments are protected from ill-conceived promotions that backfire.

Working closely with their clients, the promotion insurance from Team Umbrella is given by experienced and highly skilled marketing professionals.

Capable of covering any type of promotion mechanic, the sophisticated promotion insurance service from Team Umbrella is open to instant win promotions, cash-backs, coupons, gifts and competition promotions. Ensuring the best possible outcome, the promotion insurance also works to minimize the negative effects of over-redemption.

As well as their promotion insurance, Team Umbrella also benefits their clients with their comprehensive knowledge of the marketing industry.

To find out more about Team Umbrella and their promotion insurance services, visit them online today and make sure that those promotions don’t suffer from unforeseen costs and expenses once they’ve been rolled out.



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