The food on offer from a Wellington Caterers

People who are looking for Wellington caterers should be able to find a number of companies who offer a professional catering service. Some Wellington caterers will offer different types of food than others so people will need to find caterers that can provide the type of cuisine they want for their event. People will commonly hire a Wellington catering company for events such as weddings, family celebrations, parties, corporate events, functions and for business catering. Most Wellington caterers will be highly experienced when it comes to function catering on both a large and small scale and they will employ a team of experienced and professional staff to ensure the service and food exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Some of the most popular foods that a Wellington catering company will offer include spit roast meats, BBQ catering, buffet catering and wedding catering packages. Most Wellington caterers will offer a number of set catering packages for various events and most will also be happy to create bespoke menus to meet the specific needs and tastes of their customers. Spit roast meats are a cost effective yet very delicious catering choice and one that is very popular for all types of events. Spit roast meats can be combined with a starter and dessert to create a mouth-watering three course sit down menu for events where formal Wellington catering is required.

Wellington caterers will be able to devise menus no matter what the customer’s headcount or budget is so people can have a bespoke menu to suit their requirements. Most Wellington catering companies will offer menu options for Vegetarians and other special dietary requirements upon request. Wellington caterers will usually charge a price per head. Customers will often tell a Wellington catering company their budget per head and the caterers can then tell them their options that are within their budget. The price quoted by the Wellington caterers will usually include cutlery, crockery, serviettes, buffet table and catering staff.



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