The benefits of Eco Roofing

Eco roofing systems are becoming a very popular choice with many domestic and commercial property owners. Eco roofing offers a number of environmental benefits that are all greener than traditional roofing systems. Some planning applications will now not be approved if they are not going to be fitted with eco roofing. This unique roofing system is made up of 300 different components and offers endless possibilities for people who choose this option when it comes to the look, colour, layout etc. Once eco roofing has been installed it can help to reduce heating and air-conditioning costs, water sewage charges and can is compatible with all existing roof membranes. With more and more people looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly and use more natural resources for heating and building eco roofing is becoming increasingly popular all the time as people realise the wonderful benefits it can offer them and their property.

Most parts of an eco roofing system will be created using recyclable materials and will consist of sedum mats, drainage layers, edge trims, and security railings and harnesses if required. People who are considering having eco roofing should look for companies who specialise in this system as they will have fully trained staff who are highly experienced in eco roofing to ensure that the installation is successful and effective. Some eco roofing companies will also install single ply roofing systems. Eco roofing contractors will offer customers advice on insulation, condensation risk analysis, roof draining capacities, supply standard drawings, produce specifications, carry out U-value calculations and wind uplift calculations before the eco roofing is installed.

Adding eco roofing can add value to a property as more green space will be added where people can enjoy being outdoors. Single ply roofing is used to cover flat roofs to make them watertight. The single ply roofing system is highly durable and flexible and will make roofs safe and secure. Single ply roofing will not shrink overtime and has a long lifespan with little or maintenance required. Like eco roofing single ply roofing can be fitted with a wide selection of cappins, edge trims, roof lights and rainwater outlets.



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