How much fun could you have with new motorhomes?

Invest in new motorhomes or save money with used motorhomes and you can enjoy fabulous new adventures anytime that you like. Buy new motorhomes and they will provide you with many thousands of miles of trouble-free motoring, you can tour the UK in them or take a ferry over the channel and explore Europe in greater detail. Brand new motorhomes are exceptional vehicles, they are built to the highest standards and offer unrivalled levels of luxury and comfort. It’s fun to travel the country in new motorhomes and not only do they provide you with economical transport solutions you have the perfect place to sleep at night when you arrive.

Features fitted to new motorhomes

The layouts of new motorhomes will vary depending on which model you opt for and the supplier you buy it from, the same can be said for used motorhomes as well. However inside the specifications of new motorhomes should be pretty similar, you’ll have sleeping arrangement for a set number of people, a shower room/toilet, seating area and fitted kitchen as well. Look at online retailers that sell new motorhomes and they list the full specifications of the vehicles so you know exactly what is included in the price. Book a test drive and you can get a feel for new motorhomes and take a closer look at the specification that’s on offer.

Buying new motorhomes

For a great deal on new motorhomes, or used motorhomes for that matter, head to a well-established company where you can view vehicles inside heated showrooms. This way you can take your time to look at different types of new motorhomes, compare sizes and specifications and generally get a feel for the models on display. Companies like Pullingers come highly recommended they have been established for the best part of 20 years and stock quality motorhomes from manufacturers like Dethleffs of Germany and Chausson from France. Plan a trip to their showroom and you can browse at your leisure, ask for advice and receive friendly help throughout the entire process. Buy one of their new motorhomes and who knows where your future travels will take you!



Whether you’re looking for a used model or new motorhomes, Pullingers will be able to give you some of the best prices around. Our used motorhomes are carefully inspected and checked so you can be certain of quality whichever model you buy.