Highly effective, natural horse supplements from the leaders in this field at Equine Health and Herbal.

Britain is famous for being a nation of animal lovers, almost half of all U.K. households own a pet we share our homes with 7.3 million dogs and 7.2 million cats and 1.3 million lucky people own a horse. As well as providing a constant source of friendship, enjoyment and fun it is no surprise that our pets are often referred to as “one of the family”. Although much harder work than the average domestic pet horses are loved throughout the world; they are graceful, glorious creatures and captivate everyone around them, Equine Health and Herbal understand how much your animal means to you and so have developed a range of dog and horse supplements, hygiene products and preventative treatments to ensure your pets stay in premium condition.

Equine Heath and Herbal, part of The Animal Health Company based in Halstead, Essex have been manufacturing natural dog and horse supplements and horse disinfectants to equine centres and professional and private owners all over the country since 1996. Dedicated to the welfare of your animal and genuinely passionate about these animals ourselves we have developed a more natural method of manufacturing horse supplements, this process is called Therminfusex and it ultilises the whole plant making it more beneficial to your animal. With our unrivalled experience in this field coupled with our commitment to providing the very best quality natural goods we are widely considered the first and only port of call when it comes to horse supplements and related products.

Some of our most popular product lines include Nobute which serves as an excellent natural alternative to Phnylbuta, Oz Oil which is made from genuine Tea Tree and known to be very effective and our wide range of horse supplements and hygiene products, the horse disinfectant we supply is natural, very effective and thoroughly tested to comply and exceed DEFRA regulations.

Treat your beloved animals the natural way and keep them in tip top condition with Equine Health and Herbal.



Equine Health And Herbal is a company specialising in horse supplements with a natural base. We can provide every product you need to look after your horse such as horse disinfectants.