High Quality versus Budget Bamboo Screening

For additional privacy in your home and garden, you can use bamboo screening as an attractive screen to cordon off certain parts of the garden or hide unsightly objects. Bamboo screening is made from natural bamboo plants so the colours may be subject to slight colour and dimension variation. Bamboo screening can also come in an unfinished effect and finish to create a natural and authentic look. Bamboo screening is also ideal to create back walls to close in your garden and make your garden feel more decorative and attractive. When purchasing bamboo screening it is important to consider whether your want quality or budget bamboo screening. Bamboo screening is typically installed outdoors so must withstand many different weather conditions from extremely hot and humid weather to wet, windy or cold days. With this in mind, most people prefer to use high quality produced bamboo screening rather than cheaper and inferior bamboo screening to ensure their bamboo screening is less likely to damage. High quality bamboo screening should mean your purchase is more likely to last longer than cheaper bamboo screening therefore less frequently replaced and could save you money in the long run. When looking for bamboo screening, it is important to factor in the quality as well as the price therefore premium quality bamboo screening shouldn’t be compared with the cheaper bamboo products on the market. Higher quality bamboo screening tend to be made from particular species of bamboo plants that provides a high quality timber and the bamboo plants should be harvested when fully mature. Bamboo screening timber should also be dried and treated thoroughly to prevent problems such as cracking, wind borers or rot. To prevent the bamboo screening from falling apart, they should be bound and screwed together with natural fibre to hardwood timber rails behind the bamboo screening making them strong and sturdy which makes the bamboo screening easier to install and maintain with minimum support and fixtures required.



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