Be more imaginative when decorating and use Printed Wallpaper for a change

Love decorating, fancy giving your home a makeover but find collections of wallpapers to be rather dull and uninspired? Here’s an idea, why not ask a print company that specialises in Digital Print on Canvas to custom make Printed Wallpaper on your behalf? That’s not a flight of fancy, Printed Wallpaper is widely available and Beyond Innovation is the perfect print partner to contact if you want to hang digitally printed wallpaper in your home. Printed Wallpaper is a mind-blowing concept that has unlimited potential. You can create what you want when you like with Printed Wallpaper and have unique decor in your home.

Let’s get creative with Printed Wallpaper

Suppliers of Digital Print on Canvas produce custom ranges of Printed Wallpaper in any style that you like. You’re the boss when it comes to Printed Wallpaper and all your wants and desires will be catered for. Whether you want flowers on your bedroom wall, cookies in the kitchen or a stunning rain forest motif in your bathroom, the potential for Printed Wallpaper is limitless and the only thing that’ll stop your creativity is your imagination. Printed Wallpaper is quirky, it’s innovative and full of appeal and the best thing is it’s tailored for your personal requirements. Be as creative as you like with Printed Wallpaper and transform the interior of your home with a digitally printed pattern.

Just hang Printed Wallpaper like you normally would

The quality of Printed Wallpaper made by a company that excels at Digital Print on Canvas is without question and there’s no limit to the design and the colours either. You have three options to choose with Printed Wallpaper, standard versions, peel and stick smooth or peel and stick textured paper. Opt for standard Printed Wallpaper and you’ll have to dig out the paste table as part of your DIY project. Buy peel and stick Printed Wallpaper and you can dispense with the paste, just stick it straight to your walls for a fast install. Wallpaper doesn’t have to be mass-produced, not when you choose a limited run that’s been printed to your individual specifications.



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