Reliable washing machine and fridge repairs in Cape Town

We know how distressing it can be when your fridge or washing machine breaks down. We’ve all been there; coming home from work to find your clothes stuck in the washing machine or opened the fridge and found our milk has turned to cheese because the cooling unit has packed in. Don’t suffer without your essential appliances for long. For fast, expert fridge and washing machine repairs in Cape Town contact BNV Appliances now.

A broken washing machine can result in expensive laundrette bills, damaged clothes and even water damage to your home. BNV Appliances provide fast washing machine repairs in Cape Town. We’ll assess the problem and repair your washing machine if possible, getting your routine back on track. We have a mobile workshop that can be called out to your home often making the repairs process much quicker.

Our fridge repairs in Cape Town are similarly addressed, assessing the fault and aiming to get your fridge back in working order as quickly as possible. We know a broken fridge can really limit your food choices, forcing you to buy convenience foods, dried or canned food or to eat out while your fridge is out of action. We’re here to sort out your fridge repairs in Cape Town quickly and affordably.

BNV Appliances also sell appliances so if you’re looking for an upgrade instead of a repair job you can choose from our extensive range of new and second hand products. Second hand appliances are sold in good working order and offer a great way to cut down the cost of brand new household equipment. We’ll buy your old item, whether working or not, so you’ve got extra to spend on your next appliance.

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