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Xray fluorescence is a phenomenon in which xraysare emitted from a material which have been bombarded with gamma rays (high-energy xrays). A highly complex process which has found application in both elemental and chemical analysis, xray fluorescence is widely used when materials such as glass, various metals and other building materials are needed to be analysed for purposes of forensic science, archaeology and geochemistry.

If you’re looking to measure xray fluorescence, xray flourescence spectrometers are sophisticated xray instruments able to undertake this specialised form of analysis. With a number of uses, xray flourescence spectrometers offer full elemental analysis from ppb to % levels, elemental mapping of samples and objects of a variety of sizes and shapes, online analysis and online sulphur analysis as well as coating thickness analysis.

Laboratory-based XRF spectrometers

Specialising in an impressive product range, SciMed are a company who have been involved in the production of XRF machines for the past 18 years. Garnering extensive experience within the field, SciMed are now a highly-successful distributor of the very best equipment in xray fluorescence, exclusively representing a number of the leading manufacturers in both the UK and in Ireland – and recently in France and selected regions in Europe.

Included in their represented XRF spectrometer manufactures are RIGAKU (for both the ED-XRF and the WD-XRF machines) as well as Seiko Instruments, namely they EDXRF. To ensure that all their equipment runs and functions as it should, SciMed also offer a full repair and maintenance services, and are even equipped to conduct sample trials and product demonstrations.

To find out more about the range of XRF spectrometers from SciMed, visit them online today. If you’re looking for the very latest in XRF spectrometers be sure to see the full range from SciMed and guarantee yourself reliable and efficient testing conditions.



Xray fluorescence by SciMed offer proactive customer support and a solution that best suits their clients’ needs. Visit their website today if you’re looking for EDXRF.