Repairing a Water supply pipe

All premises have a water supply pipe and this pipe can get damaged or suffer from wear and tear as it ages. More often than not it is now the responsibility of the property owner not the water company to carry out any water supply pipe repairs and water mains repair problems and these can be costly. As soon as people suspect there may be a problem with their water supply pipe or they need a water mains repair they should get in touch with a specialist exterior plumbing company and they will have all the equipment to be able to investigate the problem. In order to check the water supply pipe the exterior plumbers will need to excavate the ground until they reach the pipe and they will be able to investigate the problem and see what water mains repair needs to be carried out. Lead water supply pipe will often cause problems and customers will be advised to change these for modern plastic piping as lead pipes can also pose a health risk by contaminating drinking water and will eventually require a water mains repair overtime anyway.

Exterior plumbers will offer a find and fix service to establish the problem with the water supply pipe before they can carry out a water mains repair. In many cases a short term water mains repair can be carried out but this will not offer a long term solution if the water supply pipe is in a general poor state of repair. It will work out more cost effective in the long term if customers invest in a new water supply pipe and with new modern techniques these can be fitted with minimal disruption. A technique known as moling is now widely used to carry out water mains repair and water supply pipe problems. Moling uses trenchless technology so the whole path along the length of the pipe work doesn’t need to be dug up. Moling can bore accurate channels for new water supply pipe to be fitted without large scale excavation being needed.

Most water mains repair problems are now fixed using the moling technique as it quick, easy and cost effective. New water supply pipe can be laid in a very short space of time so people will not be without their water supply for long at all. A water mains repair company will offer surveys, excavation, water supply pipe replacement, connection and reinstatement.