Block out noise with acoustic fencing

More and more people are investing in acoustic fencing for a more peaceful home environment. This virtually soundproof fencing allows you to restrict external noise and is perfect for those residing in busy areas. They can be used to block most noise emanating from things like traffic and rowdy groups of people and have been seen as a godsend by people who have been plagued by unwanted noise in the past. Whilst acoustic fencing won’t completely rid you of external noise, they’ll certainly block the harsher end of it and reduce it massively. It’s not just noise that can come to be a source of annoyance when traffic goes by, and it’s often possible to feel the vibrations resulting from various vehicles whilst you’re inside your home. Acoustic fencing can help you to block this too.

Looking for fences

You’ll need to ensure that your choice in fencing is legal. There are likely to be certain height restrictions placed upon you by your local authority when it comes to fences, and you will most likely need planning permission too. It may be an idea to see what your next-door neighbour thinks about your plans, as they’ll be affected by them too. If you’ve got permission from your local authority and your neighbour is happy, you should go ahead and measure the area in which the fence will be installed. Once you know what the measurement requirements are, you can head online or to the local DIY store and start looking for acoustic fencing.

Installing your fences

Bring the slats for your acoustic fences home and then dig the post holes. Fill them with premixed cement before placing the posts inside and then leave them overnight. The concrete should have dried by this point and you’ll be ready to go about the next stage. Follow the instructions that come with your acoustic fencing and install the soundproofing barrier before adding the slats to it. You’ll need to add a finishing coat to your fence too. This will allow them to maintain their appearance in the face of any forthcoming testing climates. Once these processes are finished, you’ll be free to relax like never before through your new acoustic fencing.



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