A Brief Guide to the World Expo

Have you ever wondered what a world expo is? If you have, you’re not alone. Many people are interested in expos and that’s what can make them one of the most attractive events on the global calendar.


Delegations from all over the world go to world expos – or world fairs – to represent their countries and be part of a global gathering of culture. It can truly be a gathering of nations.


What is a World Expo?

A world expo is huge public exhibition, where countries gather to display showpieces that conform to a particular theme.


Countries from across the globe gather to attend the expos. Many of them build pavilions – something that is often seen as a highlight of the event. These pavilions can be permanent structures that can offer visitors an insight into what a global village might look like. Architecturally, at least.


The Host with the Most

A number of countries compete to win the chance to host the world expo. Winning the right to hold the event means that a country might boost its economy and improve the its value as a brand.


Each country that bids to host the expo chooses a theme for the event. These themes are chosen by the country and can be based on anything. The theme the countries choose, and how well they realize that theme in the campaign, can play a part in whether they win the chance to host the expo.


Who Goes to a World Expo?

Countries from across the globe travel to be a part of the expo. Many of them use it as a chance to showcase their culture, keeping in line with the theme of the expo. Many of them also take the opportunity to build a pavilion. And it’s these pavilions that can be the real highlight of a world expo.



To learn more about the International Exhibition’s possible 2020 home in Dubai, visit the bid site at expo2020dubai.ae