industrial piping

Are you looking for good quality industrial piping and pipeline installation for gases and fluids? Whether it’s for commercial or domestic use, L & J Manufacturing have got the knowledge and skills to assist with all your pipeline needs!

L & J Manufacturing have been specialising in industrial piping for over 12 years now and are very well established in the pipeline installation trade. They ensure that they always use the best possible materials in the manufacturing of their industrial piping.

The main focus of the company is the manufacture of industrial piping and pipeline installation for pipes that transport a variety of gases and liquids including LPG, Oxygen, Nitrogen and water. Their pipeline installation service covers most of Southern Africa including Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique as well as into spreading into the rest of Africa.

L & J Manufacturing manufacture industrial piping for a variety of commercial clients including factories and shopping centres, and carry out a professional pipeline installation service for them. As well as the manufacture of industrial piping and pipeline installation, L & J Manufacturing also design and install hot water systems for use by these commercial clients.

The company have a great reputation for carrying out pipeline installation and manufacturing industrial piping for use within the automotive production industry and the steelworks industry, with clients such as Evraz Highveld Steel & Associates, and Nissan. They have also supplied industrial piping for laboratories such as Pretoria Forensic Laboratories, and Vaal University of Technology.

L & J Manufacturing are also able to supply high pressure hosing, stainless steel braided flexible hoses, hose reels, instrumentation and gas control equipment. So whatever your industrial needs are from pipeline installation to high pressure hosing, L & J Manufacturing is the only place you need to go to. Visit their website now: for more information about their fantastic service.



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