Garden furniture to be sold by charity

A Cheshire based charity hopes to sell wooden garden furniture and indoor items to help raise money for poorer families living in the area.The homeless charity, Save the Family hopes that members of the community can get involved in making and selling garden furniture sets and other items which will then be sold to raise money.
The plan is to sell the items through the charity’s shops and on their website, while they are also hoping that local retailers keen to get involved will also let them sell them in their outlets.

The money raised will then be used to help give homeless families a roof over their heads again and to help them through these tough economic times.

Set up 34 years ago by Chester resident Edna Speed, Save the Family will now encourage unemployed parents to be part of the newly established Miracle Company.

The new branch of the charity will see one of the biggest ever social enterprise initiatives of its kind being taken on in the country.

As well as selling garden furniture, there are also plans to make homemade jams and chutneys that can be sold in the stores as gifts.

If these ambitious plans prove to be successful, they could even change the way other retail based charities operate throughout the rest of the country in the battle against the recession.

Speaking to The Flintshire Chronicle, founder Edna Speed now hopes that this new project will help families out of the difficult times ahead.

She said: “ The recession is biting hard and families who cannot afford to pay mortgages or rents are finding themselves homeless.

“Our job is to prevent that from happening as it is less costly to the country if we can keep families together.”

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