Selecting chisels the easy way

Whilst powered metal cutting tools have helped revolutionise woodworking, it is still good to have a decent set of basic chisels. Perfect for slicing through timber with a great deal of accuracy, it is always worth investing in the highest quality set affordable.

The basics to look for

No matter the type of set being bought, it is essential that certain basics are looked for. For example, it is important that the blades are made from hardened and tempered steel. This ensures longevity and good results.

The handle is also important, though the choice of whether this is wood or polypropylene is very much a personal one. It is essential that it be attached through a strong joint and fits comfortably in the hand, though.

Different types

Buying chisels separately is always possible, though buying a set is preferred. There are several types available, with bevel edged and mortice chisels by far the most common. The former allows them to be fully pushed into joint corners, whilst the latter is good for chopping out larger sections.

All modern chisels are designed to tolerate high and consistent impacts. This allows them to be used with large hammers and mallets, and so makes them good for use not just in woodworking, but for general purpose use.

Care and storage

Having invested in a good set of chisels, it is important that they be well looked after and stored properly. Incorrectly stored, they could easily succumb to rust, which will degrade the steel and lessen the success of the results achieved.

A honing guide should be used to ensure the best angle of cutting is achieved, whilst regular oilstone or diamond stone sharpening is necessary. Carefully storing the chisels in their own container, and lubricating with a light oil before putting away will ensure they are always in the best condition.

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