Retrain and sign up for the pick of new health and safety jobs

The last few years have seen their fair share of economic turmoil. High street retailers have gone to the wall and the public sector has been trimmed significantly, both at central and local government level. All kinds of different people have found themselves out of work, but the situation is far from hopeless. They have their redundancy settlement and a plan.
In some ways a seismic shift like this can be an opportunity. Some people end up in careers they don’t enjoy or aren’t even well suited to. It’s hard to get out, not with mortgage payments to make and family commitments to keep. However, times like these offer a great chance to change direction and retrain. Part of that redundancy money can be put towards some form of vocational training which will help people move across into a different career.

Scan the job pages or the Internet and people will notice a steady stream of health and safety vacancies. It’s a good solid career that can be extremely challenging and highly rewarding. Health and safety managers help to make a real difference in a huge variety of different working environments.

Naturally this is a highly regulated sector so candidates need the appropriate qualifications and certification. Once they’ve trained up people can put themselves forward for an exciting new role. The starting point on the career ladder is officer level jobs. People can advance quickly into managerial positions and the really talented and hard working can make safety director.

Signing up with a specialist recruitment agency is the best way to access the pick of new health and safety jobs. Thanks to their contacts they can match candidates to positions all over the country and even further afield. With the right qualifications and the right agency people can open up a whole new career path.

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