Work first aid training rules to change

Employers must keep on top of their duties when it comes to first aid at work. If they do not ensure that effective procedures are in place, they risk the wellbeing of their staff members and they also put themselves in danger of potentially costly and damaging legal proceedings.

The fact is, it is impossible to rule out the need for effective first aid skills and equipment in the workplace. Accidents and medical emergencies can arise anywhere and at any time.

As well as making sure they have all the necessary first aid products and they access suitable training for their employees, bosses must also remain up-to-date with health and safety legislation.

For example, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently published new draft guidance to help employers get to grips with proposed changes to workplace first aid.

The guidance comes after a consultation on proposals to amend the First Aid Regulations (1981) and the new rules are expected to come into effect from October 1st, subject to final approval by the HSE board and ministers.

Under the plans, the requirement for the HSE to approve first aid training providers will be removed.

Commenting on this, HSE policy advisor Peter Brown said: “Removing the HSE approval process will give businesses greater flexibility to choose their own training providers and first aid training that is right for their workplace, based on their needs assessment and their individual business needs.

“The draft guidance documents aim to provide practical support to help businesses assess and understand their first aid needs and find a provider best suited to them. HSE has used the feedback from the recent consultation exercise to shape the guidance, but would welcome any further feedback on the guidance before the regulations come into place.”

By taking advantage of effective first aid at work courses, managers can enhance safety levels and boost their peace of mind.

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