Opting for cosmetic surgery abroad ‘can be cheaper’

There are many reasons why people may choose to have cosmetic surgery abroad.For example, sometimes there is less time to wait for those who have procedures such as dental treatment abroad. Also, there may be some treatments available in other countries that are not an option in the UK.

However, one of the most influential factors in terms of the popularity of such medical tourism is the price.

This is according to travel industry expert Cathy Phelps, who noted in the Centre Daily Times that the low cost of getting cosmetic surgery abroad causes many to go for this option.

She remarked: “Now with the growing trend in medical tourism, there are almost limitless treatment options.”

Ms Phelps noted that the definition of this kind of activity is heading abroad in search of “high-quality, low-cost medical care”.

She added: “Whether you want hip replacement, spinal surgery or dental work, there are dozens of countries where you can have first-class medical treatment at a fraction of what it would cost at home.”

However, those who go for dental treatment abroad and other such services need to bear in mind that they may have to pay for the airfare, accommodation, meals and incidentals separately, she went on to point out.

Ms Phelps suggested that as well as other medical treatments, dental work is one of the options chosen by many who head to foreign countries to have procedures.

She also claimed that the staff working in hospitals abroad often have very good English, which is a help.

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