What Are Cabin Hooks?

Cabin hooks are a door fastening that were once very popular, but have fallen out of common use, to a large extent. This is a shame, because a door hook looks great, and is an effective door fastener.

Today, they are so rare that many people do not even know what they are, but the clue is in the name. They are literally a hook that is attached to the door. The hook lifts up and down, and is designed to fall into a loop attached to the doorframe. This provides an effective fastener that will keep any door securely shut.

It is a form of simple fastening that was developed for use on ships. Ordinary bolts were not an option, because the sea air caused them to rust making them hard to slide open and shut. The cabin hook was the solution early sailors came up with. Recently, people have started to remember this traditional fastener and slowly, but surely, sales of them are beginning to grow again.

Where to Use Cabin Hooks

They look great, are easy to operate, and, best of all, are very versatile. You can buy them in a wide range of sizes and lengths. This means that you can use them for any kind of door. If you want an easy way to lock your shed door from the inside while you are in it they are ideal. However, they work just as well on cupboard doors. For children’s toy cupboards, they are ideal.

Perhaps their most popular use is as gate latches and they really are ideal for this. It is possible to buy decorative latches in a range of metals and finishes, so finding one that looks good in your garden is easy.

Tips for Buying Cabin Hooks

Whilst cabin hooks are gradually becoming more widely available, you will still find the best choice on the internet. Buying online allows you to shop around and get the best value for money. It is worth buying from suppliers who specialise in selling door furnishings and fastenings. They offer the best choice, value for money and importantly, the best quality. There is no way they will try to sell you rubbish. If they did, people simply would not buy from them anymore and their business would be finished, so they are particularly careful to sell good quality products.

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