French Accessories for Your Home

If you want to add a touch of class to your home without it being too ostentatious, French chic is the way to go.

The French, quite rightly, have a reputation for being stylish. For many decades, their, chic, sophisticated and understated sense of fashion has been admired by people from across the world.

It is for their dress sense the French are most well known, however, those who visit France soon realise that their marvellous sense of style extends to their homes. French homes are comfortable, warm and inviting places, which are not stuffed with chintz or overwhelmed by heavy furniture.

You too can achieve this beautiful balance by using French items to accessories your home, however, first consider reviewing your home’s decor. The French look is understated, so it suits homes decorated in neutral, relaxed tones.

French Rustic Chic

In France, the rustic style is still very popular. Many French families who live in the city still have their family homes, which are located in the countryside. These country homes feature a lot of furniture that is made from wood. Some of the wood is left bare, but much of it has been painted and left to age.

It is relatively easy to find this kind of furniture, in the UK, if you shop online. This style of furniture blends in particularly well with the wooden floors that are currently popular in the UK.

The fabrics used in French furniture are usually good quality, even luxurious. The rustic wood or distressed metals right next to the luxurious fabrics works especially well.

French Glass

Some of the nicest French accessories are made from glass. Antique glass candlesticks fit in with all styles of home decor; they add a touch of chic without seeming ostentatious.

The French also make some particularly beautiful mirrors. They have strong bold, frames, which make a statement in any home. Importantly, mirrors reflect natural light, which really does help to make a home seem brighter and more inviting. In most homes, a large mirror looks a lot better than a large painting. An old-fashioned French clock is also a great addition to a room.

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