The benefits of Excel and learning through

As the world’s most popular spreadsheet programme, Microsoft Excel gives business and personal users a huge range of benefits. With the right training, courtesy of, users and business owners could easily have access to these many advantages, which include…

1. Charting

Whatever the nature or scope of your business, it’s likely that at some point you’ll need to collate and present data. Whether you’re making financial projections or demonstrating whether Jammie Dodgers or Chocolate Digestives are the preferred snack for the office, Excel is often the first choice because of the number of ways it allows you to present that data. From pie charts to graphs, raw date might be difficult to understand but data that is well presented is also much more ably digested.

2. Formatting

Once these basic charts have been established, colouring, bolds and italics enable the user to highlight the data that they want to mark as important to the reader, ensuring that the message is quickly and efficiently established.

3. Trending

Again, raw data is often hard to interpret. However, the use of graphs or charts from Excel can quickly allow both the user and the reader to identify and interpret any emerging trends that they simply would not be able to discern from columns of figures.

4. Bringing it Together

One of the huge benefits of Excel is that it not only allows users to bring information together but also allows it to be stored together. Furthermore, additional information such as text and images can be inserted, allowing users to store everything they need.

5. Online Access

Unlike other spreadsheet programmes, Excel allows users access wherever they are. Using the Microsoft Office 365 suite, almost any PC, laptop or smartphone can access documents stored on Excel through the Cloud.

Accessing the Benefits

Although the beauty of Microsoft programmes is that they allow users with a basic knowledge of IT to perform high level tasks, one of the main ways for businesses to access the many benefits that Excel can bring to them is through Such a well-regarded training provider can help to ensure that all of your employees are proficient in Excel.



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