TV aerials losing signal in Grimsby

Those living in the Roundway area claim their TV aerials cannot pick up any signal since work began on the development of the Grimsby Institute University centre.

Aerial installations expert, Mike Harvey who has owned TV aerials company Immingham Aerials for over forty years has admitted he feels sympathy for the people living in the area as they cannot watch any television.

Speaking to This is Grimsby he said: “ It is certainly a problem for them and one which will be difficult to resolve.

“My suggestion would be for them to be given ‘Free Sat’ which is relatively cheap and will not be affected by the building work at the institute.”

This is one suggestion that would be greatly welcomed by the residents of Roundway who cannot afford the luxury of enjoying a night in watching the TV.

Some residents such as Mervyn and Maureen Cooper had initially thought it was a problem with their aerial that was causing the disruption to their viewing.

However after forking out £130 for a new one, they realised the problem was being caused by the multimillion pound development being constructed close to their home.

Also speaking to This is Grimsby, Mervyn said: “To be totally frank it’s just not on.

“They have built up this 50 foot blooming monstrosity on our doorstep and now we can’t even watch the television programmes we like.”

A spokesperson for the Grimsby Institute has apologised to the residents for any disruption and has stated that there are a number of technical advisors currently working to resolve the problem.  The institute is hoping to meet with residents shortly to discuss possible solutions to the problem.

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