Obstetrician & Gynaecologist: Pregnancy And Baby Guide

Why pregnant women always refer to a gynaecologist or obstetrician? Though any general doctor can deliver babies and take care of the issues related to pregnancy. But it is always recommended to see an obstetrician or gynaecologist during pregnancy and child birth. Let’s see the reason behind it. In fact, what goes on to tilt the balance towards the obstetrician in Navi Mumbai is that they are the only person, who are authorized to conduct deliveries.

Who is obstetrician & gynaecologist?

Both are two distinct medical specialists but they deal with female body problems. An obstetrician or gynaecologist is a physician who concentrates upon pregnancy and child birth medical issues. They are specially trained for it. They diagnose women’s reproductive system and take care of them throughout the pregnancy period, delivers babies and the period just after the baby is born. These medical practitioners are also known as OB/GYN. Other health issues like, birth control, menopause and screening of cancer are treated by them. They also perform surgeries for pelvic organs or urinary tract problems. Gynaecologists involve in diagnosing pregnancy related issues and then refer to an obstetrician. And obstetricians deal with complications during childbirth.

Formal education behind being obstetrician and gynaecologist

At first one has to pursue graduation from medical school and completing residency program of 4 years’ span in obstetrics and gynaecology. The residency program comprises of pre-pregnancy health, pregnancy, labour and childbirth, health problems and care after childbirth, genetics and genetic counselling issues. Rigorous tests and oral exams are conducted for passing the residency program.

Their working guideline:

Obstetrician or gynaecologist’s primary responsibilities are to examine patients and to diagnose medical problems and treat the illness and diseases they have. They monitor health and developing baby’s health by performing ultrasounds, measurements and tests on the expectant mother. They also check the problems which can affect pregnancy, such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, infections and other genetic disorders. Some gynaecologists also do minor surgeries and give laser treatments when needed. Obstetricians manage the labour process when it comes to delivery of a baby. They advise the mothers about the diet, exercise and medications to stay healthy. Those who are having morning sickness, back and leg pain, heartburn and other pregnancy related complaints are all treated by the gynaecologists.

Finding an able obstetrician in Navi Mumbai

Obstetricians work in variety of settings, as hospitals, clinics and private doctor offices. Obstetricians are easily available in every city but obstetricians & gynaecologists in Navi Mumbai are considered to the best in the business. But to choose the correct one is difficult. Anyone should not choose any random obstetrician. Rather she should get a referral from a friend or family member. The obstetrician should have sympathy for his patients and should possess good communication skill to console his patients. He should know how to work under stressful and pressured condition and should be a multitasker.

Last but the most important aspect is on whom to choose as a doctor be it a male or a female. One thing which stands out is that both tend to have their own advantages along with disadvantages. But most of the women go on to prefer their same folk as they can discuss any issues of sexual wellness with them in an easy manner.

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