Why Carbohydrates Are Needed At The Time Of Pregnancy

A balanced diet is the need of the hour during pregnancy and it should go on to include carbohydrates.  They are the prime source of energy and in this regard doctors go on to recommend women not not opt for a low crib diet during the stages of pregnancy. The body is known to break the carbohydrates into glucose and simple sugar, that go on to cross the placenta and aids energy in supporting the growth of the baby. So carbohydrates food during pregnancy are a must and a balance of proteins, vitamins along with minerals need to be achieved. So the need of the hour is that you choose the right source of these nutrients.

Though carbohydrates work out to be the main source of energy, the situation is not the same always. Some of them are known to be simple carbohydrates as the body is known to convert them to sugar in a quick manner. During the stage of pregnancy you need healthier complex carbohydrates. These are included in brown rice and grain breads. You can also go to find them in fresh fruits as well. As the fresh fruits are not known to contain sugar, which is simple carbohydrates, they are an excellent source of nutrients along with other fibers.

Most of the simple carbohydrates are known to provide a quick bout of energy, and after a certain point of time you will be craving for more. Generally the doctors go on to advise the pregnant women to consume whole grains, which work out to be a rich source of complex carbohydrates. The body is known to take a long amount of time to absorb these complex crabs which helps to maintain the blood sugar levels. Some of the examples of foods which are known to contain complex carbohydrates are oatmeal, legumes, etc.  You need to take into consideration is that all these food go on to provide a significant amount of dietary fiber. As far as possible, try to avoid processed food, and refined foods which are low on nutrition, which will quickly increase your blood sugar levels. Some of these foods are white bread, readymade meals.

The ideal amount of carbohydrates needed during pregnancy for a pregnant woman is 9 to 11 servings. But you need to keep an eye on the size of the servings as well that can vary according to different situations. Say for example, an ounce, of cereal is being counted as one. You need to take note of the fact that the carbohydrates of your diet should mostly come from whole grains. If you are overweight or have a history of PCOS before you turn out to be pregnant, you should take the expert opinion of your doctor before you decide on a diet.

A point to consider is that you should attempt any weight loss regime which may have an impact on the carbohydrate diet during the course of pregnancy. It is a stage where the blood sugar levels will be high.

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