Why The Google Play Store Is Very Popular

The best thing about the Android platform which is very debatable but it does make sense is the Google Play Store. Why? Without this app, you will never have the apps that you have right now. Despite its popularity, it’s still much underrated (believe it or not).

This is because you will only want to use this app when you want to download and update apps. Which is perfectly understandable since this app serves as a portal or a platform. Never the less it’s undeniable that this is a very useful app that Android users need.  You can even say that this is the heart of your device:

Google Play Store for AndroidThe Google Play store for Android is built for Android OS, It has come thru many versions and many updates that you can even say that this is a very mature App.  It’s a very well supported app that constantly receives some love from Google. It’s the portal where you can access all your favorite apps from various categories.

Access: You get access to millions of apps free and paid that can guarantee to maximize your device’s capabilities and functionalities. From games, tools, features, music, movies, and news Google play can give you access to all of these. It gives you more reason to be hooked on your smart device even more and make it more addicting than it ever was. If we get a new device we like to use it because of the hardware and software but after we get used to it, it no longer matters. What matters are the apps that give us the reason that compels us to open the device when we wake up, when we’re bored and when we go to sleep.

Open platform: You have so many options to choose from and not just your apps but also the devices that can carry the play store. This gives people the preference to choose which devices they want to use the google play with and there are so many to choose from: Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Xiaomi, LG, Sharp, Oppo, Vivo, Nokia, Blackberry just to name a few.

More choices: Because it has so many apps, there are so many to choose from and the preferences and possibilities are endless. You name it they got it. This is why they are always neck and neck and toe to toe with the Apple store. It has always been Android versus Apple and it’s not just because of the device specs but also because of their stores.

It’s kind of amazing when you think that just one app gives you access to a lot of apps stored in your device right now. You get a ton of access to various apps in various categories; it gives you the flexibility and not just limits you to one device which makes it an even more enticing to use. It has more choices that can make your phone the way you want it to be and with so many brands carrying it and much more to come the sky is the limit.

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