Important Topics And Tips For JEE Main Exam

Many aspirants prepare for the periodic JEE exam so that they can clear it on their first attempt and get into their dream college. If you are thinking about how to prepare the exam and score more marks, then you can check out the tips mentioned below. If you don’t have sufficient time, then you can choose the relevant topics in each subject. It is essential to avoid a last-minute rush, tension, and anxiety during the preparation of such exams.

Which topic needs more attention?

Although every topic of the syllabus is important, there are some chapters, which require special attention. It is essential to understand all the important topics with the relevant examples and definitions. If you attain the entire knowledge on the important concept in a particular subject, then you need not waste your time studying the weaker sections. Rather, you should consider the parts that you are strong in, clearing your concepts about them even more. In fact, it is the key to score more marks in less time.


Physics gives more importance to the sections that comprise of laws, equations, and formulas. So, you can practice all the necessary equations. The most relevant law including, conservation of linear momentum, mechanical energy, potential energy, field theory, uniformly accelerated motion etc. you should have the good understanding of kinematics, Dynamics, and Mechanics in physics. Further, you need to pay more attention to Modern physics and optics, which is always ignored by the aspirants.


For most students, it’s hard to solve the organic problems. But, this is quite untrue because organic chemistry is an easy subject. If you know how the equation is derived, then you can easily practice relevant model. Hence, the proper understanding of equations, formula, and the basic concept is essential to target the MCQ in chemistry. Practice book back problems in your textbook. Besides studying the NCERT book, you can also study the reference books. Moreover, practice the complete chemistry guide, which is concise and good to read.


It is no wonder that the Mathematics is easy and mark scoring subject. So, you can practice some significant problems. For reference, you can check out sample paper for JEE mains 2016. You need to pay particular attention to scoring topics like determinants, permutations, and combination, calculus, integration, etc. Further, one should have the in-depth knowledge of critical topics like geometry, vectors, trigonometry and coordinate geometry. If you have an extra time for practice, then you can workout on 3-Dimensional geometry for additional credits.

Some tips:

  • Make a proper schedule

Make studying as a part of your regular habit since it is the way to be prepared. Just wake up at 5 am and study for 2 hours. If you are Studying in the fresh morning, then you can understand the concept well. Sleep at the right time.

  • Practice mock paper

Try to solve more previous year question paper so that you can get to know the exam pattern, relevant topics, difficulty level and much more. Besides attempting the mock test, you should practice JEE mains and advanced question papers so that you can get better detail about the exam.

Last but not the least; self-confidence is the key to grab the exam.  Stay confident. Best of Luck!

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