Why Stained Concrete Floors Are Best For The Garage In Your Home?

So you are finally revamping the floor of your home’s garage but cannot make up your mind regarding the flooring material?

Well, you should go for stained concrete.


Well, how about for the following reasons –

It is known for its impressive durability factor

Concrete is a robust material and its durability easily surpasses that of natural/engineered stone, hardwood and even vitrified tiles. As per the opinion of a veteran associated with a company that offers concrete staining services, stained concrete floors can withstand more than four thousand pounds of force per square inch!

This impressive strength is essential in a flooring solution that will be regularly subjected to foot and vehicular traffic as well as the occasional accidental drop of heavy tools – scenarios that are common in a typical home’s garage.

It is pretty easy to maintain stained concrete floors

Natural or engineered stone floors periodically need to be subjected to polishing from professionals. Hardwood floors on the other hand need periodic waxing and resealing of the individual floorboards.Vitrified tiles are not at all ideal for heavy traffic areas in your home like the garage or in warehouse floors as they cannot withstand accidental impacts from tools. On top of this, tiled floors do not provide the traction needed by your car hence; it is also an unsafe flooring choice for your garage.

Stained concrete does not need periodic honing, or other painstaking maintenance regimes that are required in case of the aforementioned flooring material types. A simple sweep with a broom once in a while and the occasional mopping should suffice when it comes to maintaining stained concrete floors.

Furthermore, stained concrete floors come with microscopic peaks and valleys that would offer ample traction to the tires of your car hence installing it in the garage of your home is a pretty safe bet. Don’t you agree?

Stained concrete floors look awesome

Okay, to be fair, concrete surfaces, without polish or staining looks kind of mundane but at the same time, concrete floors are malleable enough to give them the look you prefer pretty easily.

All you would need to do is hire a contractor that is proficient in stained concrete floors. After that, you can tell them to turn the concrete floor in your garage into a literal piece of art that compliments the decor of your home.

There are stained concrete floor contractors who also have the skills needed to replicate the overall looks of stone-based flooring materials in plain concrete surfaces. All you would need to do is dig a bit deep and gather information about the right contractor.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, stained concrete floors are also pretty cheap compared to other flooring solutions like vitrified tiles, natural/engineered stone or hardwood. Hence, if you want to steer clear from hefty expenses when you finally decide to revamp the floor in your home’s garage, go for stained concrete but be sure to hire a revered stained concrete contractor such as Those Floor Guys. It is the only way to make sure that the result will be on par with your expectations.