Understanding SEO Fundamentals – The First Step Of Finding Success On A Long Journey


SEO is not a magic trick nor is it some form of an algorithm that you need to crack. There is no recipe with which some find success while the others fail miserably. SEO is all about adding value to the user experience by creating content and by optimizing the search experience for the people.

SEO feels like it is hard to crack foreign languages for most people when they have just begun their journey on this profitable market channel. It is all about the organic search which forms the basis of SEO. However, without knowing the fundamentals of SEO, you cannot pedal your SEO strategies on the road to success. 

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Basics of SEO

Understanding the fundamentals of SEO is very important before you dig in your shoes in the world of SEO. SEO is nothing but the list of strategies that are used so that the website can get a higher rank on the search engine result. We do this to generate unpaid (organic) traffic for our website. 

This is why we need to be visible in the eyes of the search engine first which will then perform 3 steps:

  1. Crawling: It is the process by which the search engine explores and analyses content listed under all the URLs that they find. 
  2. Indexing: This is an important step. After crawling, the content is stored in their large database and becomes retrievable whenever someone writes relevant words in the search engine bar. 
  3. Ranking: This is our goal. After a search result is generated, Google lists the results based on what is the most relevant. The higher the rank, the higher the relevance. 
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Types of SEO and 3 most important areas that impact SEO success

There are 3 areas where SEO strategies need to be developed to achieve long-term success:

  1. On-page SEO: It is the content that is visible on your website in the form of texts and images (for the user) and HTML tags and data (for Google bots).
  2. Off-page SEO: It does not work on the main site but works on other fronts such as social media marketing, generating backlinks, gaining trust, and building a niche audience. 
  3. Technical SEO: It involves technical work so that the Google algorithm can find you. It includes work on page loading speed, structure of the URL, crawling, schema, robot.txt, and much more.

Now that you know the basic terminology of the SEO, let us look at the 3 areas around which the world of SEO revolves:

  1. Search experience Optimization: It is all about providing opportunities and adding value to the experience of your audience. 
  2. Content strategies: Making high-quality content that is relevant to the niche market is the primary content strategy. 
  3. Voice search: It is the upcoming future of SEO and gives importance to the use of rich and featured snippets that appear even before the organic search results. 

5 Fundamental SEO practices necessary to achieve success 

  1. Unique content creation: It important is to:
  • Avoid duplicate content. 
  • Create unique relevant content that has the potential to give some value to the user. 
  • Avoid creating unnecessary pages on the same topic. 
  1. Use of title tags strategically:
  • It is the first thing that is visible to the audience in the search results. 
  • Therefore, creating title tags based on business metrics such as city name when you are a local service provider is the best strategy to follow. 
  1. Generating high-quality backlinks:
  • It is a hyperlink that will point the Google bots and audience back to your website. 
  • Generating reliable and high-quality backlinks is essential for building domain authority and trust
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  1. Digital PR Outreach or Blogger Outreach
  • It is the process by which you generate authoritative links continuously. 
  • It is achieved by reaching out to industry-specific websites, vendors, clients, reporters, magazines, and even customers to add depth of quality to your backlinks. 
  • One common example of this process is asking a satisfied customer to leave a testimony on your website.
  1. Fixing errors and removing spam links: 
  • Errors like 404 pile up very quickly and spam links do appear.
  • Timely fixing of errors and performing backlinks audit to remove any spam links is important to avoid any chances of getting penalized by Google. 

There are hundreds of strategies to learn in the world of SEO, but having a thorough knowledge of the above-mentioned factors is a good place to start and create your marketing hub which is your website.


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