The advantages of windows website hosting

Since Microsoft released Windows server in the early 2000s they have been gaining an increasing market share in the web hosting market. Windows wehosting. Windows website hosting by EUKHost will guarantee you a secure, reliable windows server environment for your web site.

One of the main benefits of choosing a windows web hostingb hosting is now a resilient and viable alternative to Linux web  option is the windows operating system itself, especially for dedicated server and virtual server customers who need direct access to the server.

Windows is still the most commonly installed operating system around the world, and this will make for a far shorter learning curve.

Windows server also supports ASP DotNet: A coding framework, which enables savvy developers to build entire websites, as well as useful modules within those websites, such as forum pages, and photo galleries. If you have a Windows developer building your site then they will be a lot more comfortable working on Windows web server.

Windows web hosting supports MSSQL which is a powerful, robust, professionally supported database system. MSSQL is an industry-standard system which is especially suited to supporting large scale databases.
Windows server also comes with Front Page support. Although this once-popular web authoring software has now been superseded, it remains the case that many thousands of sites around the world still rely on Front Page server extensions to work. Converting a site from Front Page to another authoring package is a cumbersome process, and many users prefer to stick with working with the software they know. Support for Front Page server extensions is standard with Windows web hosting by EUKHost.

Should you choose to go down the windows server route, with windows website hosting by EUKHost you will benefit from a stunning, dedicated level of technical support and customer service.

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