How to spot a reliable and helpful web hosting company

Web hosting is a thriving and competitive global industry, with plenty of companies offering their wares to potential clients.
Web hosting companies advertise keenly in the computer press, the national press, the internet itself, and sometimes even on TV. Sorting out the wheat from the chaff but can be daunting; however, here are a few hints and tips.

Firstly make sure you visit the website of any company you’re considering. The site should be comprehensive. It doesn’t have to be massive in scale, but it does need to offer a variety of options, and cover the necessary ground in an accessible, friendly manner.
Sometimes detail can be irritating, especially too much of it. But in the case of web hosting the devil really is in the detail, so look out for clearly outlined and thoroughly explained options for all the packages on offer. Avoid the companies which bamboozle you with marketing-speak but then don’t back it up with proper explanations.

Watch for good, clear English, and be wary of spelling mistakes, which suggest carelessness and an over-hasty attitude.

Another quality to look for is pedigree: in other words, a long time in business with glowing testimonials. For instance, should you choose web hosting by EUKHost, you’ll find we’ve been trading for well nigh ten years – a healthy period in which to build a loyal customer base, both business and private.

Furthermore, the company should offer 24/7 technical support 365 days per year, both by phone and email. This comes as standard with cheap web hosting by EUKHost. Avoid the companies which only offer email support, as this could indicate an unwillingness to put the customer first.

Finally, make sure the company has its own data centre for its servers: this is a sign of significant investment, and that the company is in business for the long haul. Web hosting by EUKHost is supported by our own highly secure, fire-resistant data centre.

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