Make the most of your garden with a summer house…

So you’re looking out at your garden and your heart sinks. Why? Because of all the mess and clutter. The kid’s toys and bikes are all over the place. Your tools are just lying around. The whole place is a mess. It’s time to go out and look at sheds, otherwise you’ll go mad having your garden constantly in a state. Sheds are great. You can store stuff in them, you can work in them and you can retreat to them. Every man should have one.

If you love diy or have a hobby you are passionate about, you need a space to work and relax in. Away from noise and distractions. My dad used to have an allotment. Not because he was a keen gardener, but because he needed a quiet place to retreat to. We can’t all have our allotment, but we can have our own little “man” island to retreat to when everything gets a bit too much and we need some peace and quiet and thinking time. Sheds come in all sort of styles and shapes and sizes. Before you go out and buy one, consider how much space you have first. No good opting for that massive grandiose one if it won’t fit in the garden. What type of material? Wood is nice and traditional an never looks amiss, but you don’t have to stick to the traditional if you don’t want to.

Sheds can be quite basic inside, or they can have shelves and racks. What do you need in there? Is it just for storage, or are you going to work in there. Check out some options online before you set off to give you an idea of what is out there and how much they cost. It’ll save you loads of time if you’ve narrowed down your buying criteria.

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