New lockers available at Gatwick

A major UK transport hub has opened up new lockers for its passengers to use. Gatwick Airport, which is located 28 miles south of London, is offering the storage facilities it its new concourse baggage centre.

The provisions mean that anyone travelling through the airport can leave their suitcases, valuables and anything else they do not wish to take with them on their trips.As well as lockers, the centre contains baggage screening equipment. This means that all bags will be screened or X-rayed before they are accepted. For maximum convenience, the facility is open 24 hours a day and the charges for using the service are calculated on a per-item, per-day basis.

Meanwhile, individuals using the hub can also take advantage of a bag wrap service, which reduces the risk of suitcases arriving at their destinations having been damaged in some way.The storage centre is being run by Left Baggage, which already has offices in many other UK airports, as well as train stations. According to the firm, which was established in 1991, it handles more than three million items of luggage per year.

Its move into Gatwick is significant as the airport is the second largest in the UK and is the busiest single-runway airport in the world. Each year, around 33 million passengers use the hub and it serves more than 200 destinations in 90 countries. It is also a major employer in the south-east of England, with 23,000 staff members operating in the airport itself and a further 13,000 jobs associated with it through related activities.

Some transport hubs provide consumers with washroom cubicles as well as baggage storage facilities. After all, journeys can be long and sometimes people are in transit for a number of days at a time. In such circumstances, washroom cubicles can be extremely useful.

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