Saving Energy with Shutters

Radiators are surprisingly poor at heating our homes. A huge proportion of the heat they produce is lost straight through the windows, and short of completely changing how you heat your home, there is very little that can be done about it.

Even double glazing stops very little extra heat transference and the majority of window coverings will do nothing to keep the heat inside. With the exception of wooden window blinds.

The right window blinds will leave no space between their edges and the walls, meaning that there will be no space for hot air to slip through. By offering the ability to completely close off the outside world by closing the shutters, the heat will remain inside far more than it would with any other form of window covering.

Another way to aid energy efficiency is to choose light colours when you buy those shutters. If light colours will compliment your colour scheme you will find that they will also help keep the house cool in the summer by reflecting light, meaning that you don’t have to worry about using air conditioning units or electric fans.

Not only will they no doubt help you be more comfortable and more energy efficient, they are also beneficial in many other ways, helping the house appear more attractive, allowing far more control over just how much light you let in, as well as vastly increasing privacy for you too. Their presence will not simply make the room feel more comfortable in terms of temperature, but also in terms of looks, with the wooden materials offering a far more pleasing aesthetic than a material blind or curtains.

So you can save money on energy, feel more comfortable and get your house looking as great as possible all in one simple and effective move.

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